Slingshot Racing FAQ

Question: How do I control my vehicle?
Answer: To slingshot your vehicle you just need to touch the screen to deploy your hook. You do NOT need to touch the towers to Slingshot corners, the game automatically decides which tower to use based on where the vehicle is on the track. We recommend just picking a corner of the screen you're comfortable with and only ever press in that corner. If you do this the game camera will take your thumb/finger position in to account to make sure you can still see where you are going.

Problem: I keep hitting the pause and/or retry buttons by accident.
Answer: You don't need to touch the towers to Slingshot corners, you just need to touch the screen somewhere. We recommend picking a corner of the screen you're comfortable with and just keep pressing in that corner.

Problem: I don't have any sound in the game.
Answer: It may sound obvious but have you checked the mute button? Some applications ignore the button so can lead you to think it's the game. You should also check the volume on the device and the volume in the game settings. Occasionally if the game has been running in the background and you have used your iPod the audio will not play in game. To fix this switch to iPod, quickly play and then stop your music and switch back to the game.

Problem: I think I'm losing save progress.
Answer: This can occur under certain circumstances and is an issue with the game's handling of saves in iCloud. A fix for this has been submitted to Apple and will be released once it has passed review. In the mean time disabling iCloud for the game will prevent the problem.

Question: Can I play more races against harder AIs?
Answer: You can use the Multiplayer game mode to set up races on any track against AI controlled players. You can also set the difficulty of the AI players to one of three levels.

Question: How can I get better times?
Answer: There are a number of subtleties to slingshotting. It's all about timing and taking the shortest distance around the track without losing speed or hitting things. If you deploy your hook too early the rope will be slack and you will take wider lines. Try deploying the hook when you are close to the tower to ensure you stay tight and on the racing line. You also need to take in to account angular momentum which means the car will still turn slightly after you release. Try lifting a little earlier to avoid oversteering. You should also utilise drift to get the vehicle to move across the track to hit boosts, avoid snowmen and be in a good position for the next corner. On some tracks you can miss out towers if you take the right line. Typically if you get these right they can lead to faster times, but they are not without risk as the margins between a good line and bad line can be quite tight.

Question: My problem isn't listed here, what do I do?
Answer: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with as much information as you can and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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